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at the University of Illinois at Chicago

We study the cell biology and genetic regulation underlying biological tube formation

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C. elegans

The C.elegans excretory canal (ExCa) is a single-cell tube that provides an excellent model to study biological tube formation (tubulogenesis). Genes that regulate ExCa development have human homologs implicated in kidney and vascular disease. We use the ExCa to discover and study new tubulogenesis regulators.



Some genes that regulate  ExCa tubulogenesis have been implicated in angiogenesis; the creation of new blood vessels from existing ones. We use human cell culture models to ask whether genes that we discover in C. elegans play roles in angiogenesis.


Meet our research group. We are always looking for motivated people to join us. Enthusiastic students (undergraduate or graduate) and postdocs who are interested in our work should contact Dan.

UIC and Chicago

We are part of the Dept. of Physiology and Biophysics at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). We are centrally located at the Illinois Medical District, and within walking distance of the University Village/Little Italy neighborhood.